MTV Staying Alive came to us with the goal of launching their massive ‘World AIDS Day’ campaign to millions across the UK and raising funds.

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Our strategy was multi-faceted, running several campaigns focused on audience engagement, including 6-hour podcast marathons with Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle as well as an ALS Ice Bucket-style competition. The 6-hour marathon brought on a host of influencers who collectively had over 7.5 million in reach. The team ensured that each guest shared the event across their own social media platforms, as well as breaking up the podcast into social-first chunks to share across Instagram. Additionally, ADDVERT ensured that the Staying Alive competition had the desired domino effect by involving lots of creators from the start and coordinating the publication of each video to create a sense of ubiquity. This ultimately caused FOMO, encouraging their followers and even other creators to join in the competition and increase donations. An additional bonus of the competition was the amount of earned media and UGC that was produced throughout the campaign, which MTV could repurpose for additional marketing. Overall, the strategy raised significant funds and produced a lot of earned media for MTV, proving to be a resounding success.






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