Who Gives A Crap?, a toilet paper made from recycled paper, wanted us to help them find out who gave a crap about their business and bring them on as loyal bottom wipers. They needed all of this while squeezing out a lower CPA.

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With an open-ended brief, we instilled butt loads of fun into the content, collaborating with celebrities and influencers who showed themselves with the product at their most vulnerable… on the loo! Our strategy set the campaign apart by being fun and earthy. Our team knew that the unique and revealing side of the influencer content would deliver on results and resonate with their audiences. The conversation around the campaign and high engagement rate showed us that this campaign was a great success. By repackaging the influencer content, we were able to run a follow-up paid campaign, saving costs on content production, and increasing the conversion rate. The campaign delivered a 25% lower CPA than their average, leading to a successful campaign all-round and all of the client’s goals being met - a one-wipe wonder!




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United Kingdom, Canada


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